Tokeniza el sistema de incentivos de tu empresa

Creamos tu propio token desde el TUT, con todas las ventajas del protocolo para que tú te centres en hacer crecer tu negocio y el token se encargue del resto. Y gratis.



Tokenize your company's incentive system

We create your own token from the TUT, with all the advantages of the protocol so that you can focus on growing your business and the token takes care of the rest. And for free.

The only protocol for tokenizing incentive schemes that is open and free for anyone to use.

Level up

We introduce mechanisms that help you build loyalty, retain and sell more through "play2earn" models.

Free, forever

Creating your token or using our smart contracts is free. You just need to create money supply from the TUT.

With TUT liquidity

Did you know that the major problem after creating a token is to make it liquid? Forget it, your token would already have a real liquidity of €6m.

Controlled investment

The risk you take when creating your cryptocurrency is very limited, as your token is liquid and you can undo it whenever you want.



Who is the TUT Whitelabel for?


And education centres that want to reward their students for the good deeds they do.

Web platforms

They want to tokenize their incentive schemes by making them liquid and attractive to their customers.

Traditional businesses

Who want to approach the Web3 world by differentiating themselves from their competitors by tokenizing customer or employee actions.

Take advantage of the "network effect" of the TUT, and your token will be unstoppable

The more users who directly or indirectly (whitelabel) use the TUT, the more value all the tokens in its ecosystem will absorb, increasing the value of your own cryptocurrency.
And if your token doesn't do as well as you had hoped... don't worry: the network effect between all the "whitelabelled" tokens will cushion the impact.

Welcome to the future

You will have a dAPP (decentralised application) with which your users will be able to interact with your token, and with services similar to those of the TUT.


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